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My Italian Wedding Favors Testimonials and Letters

Below are a few of our many e-mails and they appear exactly as we received them.
We have removed e-mail addresses and last names to protect our customers privacy, 

Thanks for all your help, I received the orders on time.   They were the perfect party favor for my Italian themed party.  Your excellent customer service and follow-up were greatly appreciated.

Dear Roseann, Thank you for your prompt response. My daughter purchased her wedding favors from you 3 yrs ago. Her name is Danielle, and highly recommended doing business with you again for her Baby Shower. It has been a pleasure. Have a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!

RoseAnn Thank you for following up on my order. I am very grateful. Regards,
Mary Ellen-

RoseAnn Thanks so much for all your help. It has been a pleasure working with you. I have never had service like this before and I am not just saying that. The espresso cups were beautiful. Again Grazie!

Hi RoseAnn, I don't even know how or where to begin. I am totally overjoyed for many reasons. First business....I went through all 155 pieces. They are awesome....intact...and I took the ''made in china sticker'' off the box. I am MORE THAN SATISFIED...I am thrilled. Thanks for offering such great prices to us out here. I have to send you the stickers because I totally forgot to give them to your mom...read why next.... Second, there were so many boxes that is took a few minutes to load the car. In that time your mom and I had some small but sincere talk...it started with how I will miss my mom/dad and our growing up years when I move up to Rockland. She started to share about you guys...and when we were done packing my car she said, ''come in for coffee I'd like the company.'' I almost started crying....I was so taken and felt like I was with my own family I said yes. Well, I stayed and talked with you mom for 2 hours. I am American...brought up with very traditional Italian/European ways. We did family parties in the house (75 of us in a queens yard LOL)...cooked all week for holidays (the women).... baked cookies... Sundays are still good ol' Sundays....our 3 and 4th cousins are still as close to us as our 1st. Needless to say, it was like a little gift from above to spend this time with your mom. My parents are the ''oldest'' family we have left. I learned so much about you guys that made me feel so at home that I hope to meet up with your mom again with my mom and some cousins from Whitestone. These cousins are our parents age I must say. So we had coffee, biscotti, some laughs and some tears. It was really quite amazing. I don't know really how to express how meaningful this day was for me....I am lost for words. Okay, well...I have to get to work....I can't thank you enough for everything. Oh, By the way, what's your mom's last name. I wish to send her a card...don't tell her if that's okay with you. She is a wonderful woman. Many many thanks, Karen PS. I left with prosciutto.... amazing. I laughed because I should have known she wasn't letting me leave without food. I can't get out of my mother's without taking SOMETHING...anything.
Karen 2013

Rosanna, Thanks for your help today. You were very nice and thoughtful. It's what you expect in today's world but seldom see anymore. I admire a person who runs their business the way I do. Mille Grazie,

Hi RoseAnn, Just to let you know the replacement shipment of (2) sets 6MC09-S-MI and (2) sets of 6MC03-G espresso sets arrived this afternoon. ALL in perfect condition, no breakage. The exterior box for mailing was in much better condition than prior shipments, and plenty of Styrofoam popcorn filling used. The actual boxes holding the espresso cups/saucers were in mint condition, nothing bent, etc. I thank you for your promptness and kind attention you have shown. I'm very much impressed w/your company, I plan to use you in the future and will recommend you and your company to those in need of your fine products. Items like these you just can't find here in the Kansas City area. What I've seen here (if you can find them), are very plain. These sets are so delicate and dainty, just beautiful. I've only seen them in NY and in Italy. RoseAnn, feel free to use my name for recommending your products to others if you like. Also, as we discussed, I'll follow up with you after the 1st of the year about the demitasse spoons you mentioned one of your vendors had available but were out of stock. Have a wonderful Holiday and Christmas season and Happy New Year!

Thank you so much! feeew! I ordered these tags that have this cute little almond poem that I am going to put with them. Thank you again for all your help. You always get right back to me, I will definitely recommend your site to others and use it in the future.

That's PERFECT !!! Thank you so much !! I am tying them on the Capodimonte Pacifiers. You're wonderful!! Thank you so much! I will continue to use and recommend you.

Hi My order arrived today. I am thrilled with them. I'm delighted that they all arrived in such good shape considering how delicate they are ! thanks!

Roe, I cannot express enough what a pleasure it was working with you. It is so stressful running around making the final arrangements for a wedding and it is so nice to be able to accomplish something over the phone and via e-mail. If anyone asks your for references send them to me! I will be sure to recommend you to my friends. Thanks again,
Gina Mari 

Hi Roseann, I received the favors already and I just wanted to thank you so much. They are so beautiful. I appreciate everything you have done to get these to me on time. I'll be sure to keep your web address for friends that may be interested. Thanks again,

Hi RoseAnn, I just wanted to write to let you know that I received the new ribbons and they look awesome!! I really appreciate what you did for us and I will be glad to refer as much business to you as possible! Keep up the great work and the wonderful service!!!! much appreciated! Take care,

Hi Rosey - thanks for sending them out - and thanks so much for getting these to me on time! Everyone loved the boxes - it's not the norm in the south to have these types of favors so they were a real hit. Have a great weekend and I'll surely keep your site on hand. Sincerely,

Dear Rosey, Thank you so much for getting back to me with the new spoon rests. I love them. I just have to choose which one I want to get. I will definitely recommend this website you really helped me in making my wedding perfect. Thanks again,

Thank you for your prompt reply to my e-mail. Hopefully, I will receive them in time to wrap and have ready for Sept. 15th. I just waited too long, could not find anything I liked until I came upon your website through a google search. When I saw Myitalianweddingfavors, that immediately peaked my interest. I loved it, being an Italian myself, I am second generation here. Anyway, thank you so much and have a great day.

Hi Roseann, I just placed a couple of orders on the two websites. Oh... I made out great using the glue gun with the boxes and the bows! Thank you again for your help. I don't know if you remember that, but anyway. I am writing because, I just realized that I am not thinking and I don't know if those two orders above will get here in time. Do you think they will get to me by the end of next week or early the following week? I am using what I ordered to go in goodie bags for guests that are staying at the hotel and extra little favors for the kids (the puzzle boxes).... Sorry to be a pain... I remember getting the other stuff I ordered pretty fast... but that was way ahead of time. Oh also thank you for the bubbles and the thank you card after my last order. Please get back to me when you can. Sincerely,

Hi RoseAnn- First, i would like to thank you for being so nice and helpful. Honestly, i have never had service like this before, and i want say that i am impressed. Second, even though i like the second one that you sent me, i am going to stick to the original bonbonnierres. I like the color more. Thank you for letting me know though. It was veryyyy nice of you. When should i expect them? This week? Third, Do you have any idea where i can get decorated chocolates off the internet? I don’t know if you know anyone? But, i figured i could ask. If you can please email me when you get this i would appreciate it. Thanks

Hi Rose - sorry I haven't responded to your e-mail sooner. I was so busy preparing for my daughter’s wedding. Yes, I did receive the espresso cups and my guests just loved them, got many compliments. The wedding was 9/24 and the favors were just the topper to what was one of the best experience in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You have some of the nicest things I have ever seen! I have a question. The Espresso sets that come in the satin boxes. I LOVE THEM! I like the white with silver trim but need it to have GOLD trim! Come on, I'm Italian and my brother needs GOLD, not silver on the cups!! (Ha Ha Ha) The set I really like is 6MC09S but not with silver trim. Does this come with Gold? Now I do see Carrara Espresso Set but that's not as delicate looking as 6MC09S. Please let me know if you have other choices that are not shown on line.

Hi Roseann That is so nice of you to do that, and I really appreciate your help, more than I can say. I know once we see them we are going to want to do them the same way... they are really pretty in the picture and the pin really adds a nice touch. I can do crafty things but I am one that needs to see it before I can do it. Michelle gets in Wednesday so as soon as we get it and decide I will place my order or call you first if I have questions. her wedding is December 17 in Vegas, and by November 15 we should have an idea if how many will attend even though I will get these done ASAP, and do enough for at least 50 with more than half with the pins. as soon as we know how many families will be at the rehearsal dinner I will know how many of the little espresso cups I will need. but those will be sent to her place. we think 15 to 20. but it all depends on the response. the wedding is for 50 and maybe a few more. again thanks for your help and I will be in touch.

There truly is no excuse for me waiting so long to respond to your e-mail. Since the party there has been one thing after another going on. A lot of family issues to deal with. One of my sisters in law decided to move back to Italy, etc. Anyway, I truly apologize. The favors were a huge hit. Everyone loved them. They were really pretty. I was not thrilled w/the plastic ''box'' they were in so my Mother and I removed them from the box and removed the paper disc on the back. Some of the favors must have ''moved around'' during shipment and were not in the center. No big deal. We took care of it. My son's First Communion is on May 6, 2007. I will definitely be contacting you as I want to order his favors from you. I am also interested in the chocolate puzzle boxes. I promise to contact you by the end of March. I know it must have been nerve wracking to deal w/me on such a short notice. I will probably only need around 50 - 60 favors + the chocolate puzzle boxes. I'll be in touch. I'm not that computer savvy, but I did manage to save your web site to my favorites. ha ha Have a wonderful holiday season.

Dear Rosanne, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but since my daughter Angela’s wedding on September 9th 2006 I've been very busy. I wanted to thank you for the wedding favors we bought from you - they were such a big hit that everyone commented how beautiful they were. We had extras so we had them also around the wedding cake, and as soon as I get a chance I will forward a few photos to you, especially while Angela and Jason were cutting their cake. The favors we bought were the grape candle holder with candle, see through box and we included confetti and their name inside the box. I'm so glad I found you on the internet...Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year......God Bless...
Frank & Rosanne.. Annapolis, Maryland

Thank you very much for your fast & excellent service. Very much appreciated & i will be referring you to my friends for their weddings. Thanks again,

Dear RoseAnn, I just wanted to thank you for the favors and for sending them so fast. My sister's 30th Birthday party was yesterday and everyone loved them. I am getting married in august so you will definitely be hearing from me again soon. Thank You again.

Hi RoseAnn, I want to begin by saying I have researched many sites offering wedding favors and yours is simply the best. I wish you were around when I was planning my Italian wedding! Thanks so much for your response. I was hoping to hear from you as I really am excited about the beautiful items you offer. Have a good evening! Thank you,

Hi Roseanne How are you? Just want you to know everything worked out great for the baby shower. the centerpieces & the favors were exactly what we wanted. As I mentioned before, I have 2 christenings I am planning & a wedding within the next 3 months to 1 year. I will get in touch with you to let you know what i am looking for. Thanks again & Have a great holiday

Hi RoseAnn, Received the ribbon and it is beautiful. Glad we waited. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.

Catherine, Thank you!!! You have been wonderful to work with! Happiest Holiday to you and your family!
Debra 2014

Thank you so much for finding them - they are a perfect favor for my sister's shower!

Hi Catherine, Just wanted you to know that the ribbon came last night!! Pretty fast service.... ) Thanks for getting it out so quickly Appreciate your help.

Dear RoseAnn, I wanted to thank you in writing for your prompt response to our order. I have never seen a dealer so helpful, eager to assist, and willing to deliver with the speed and sincerity you communicated this morning. We will not forget your diligence and kindheartedness. Thank you again. Sincerely,

Wonderful, thank you RoseAnn. I look forward to getting the order. I love your products, there are no stores left in Boston or the surrounding area that sell favors any more. Thanks again,

Your help is much appreciated. You do have lovely things in your website... I have ordered the Capodimonte Candy Dish...as soon as I receive it , I will decide what to do. Thank you!

That's soo nice of you! Actually these favors are for a cousin of mine who is throwing an engagement party.... I will be throwing a bridal shower in May and was just checking out your beautiful wine bottles, spoon rests and serving platters...and I've already bookmarked your site as I plan to order one of your products....you've got the nicest stuff I've seen so far on the web, and the prices are very reasonable. Again, thanks...and I'LL BE BACK!!!! Regards,

Hi Louis..The jewelry boxes arrived. I opened one and you were correct..they are beautiful. I did not have the time to empty box to open all to see if they all are intact but I will let you know. The wine stoppers also were waiting for me last night when I came home..all high quality products..Thanks

Hi RoseAnn: I'm sending you this e-mail to thank you very much for all of your help with Gianna's Baptism favors. Everyone loved them. Once again, thank you for everything and for your prompt attention.

What a BEAUTIFUL site and company! I just discovered it today, and wanted to commend you on an outstanding presentation and gift selection! I do have a small question, though the primary reason for this email is to complement your site and products! That being said, is there a limit on ordering various items? (Is there a minimum or maximum order amount?) Thank you for your time. Kind regards,

Cathy, Just wanted to say thank you for getting my order done so quickly, the Italian ribbons are beautiful. You were very helpful in every way to me. You have a very unique business and I am glad I found you. I know the wedding favors will be admired and will be a memorable keepsake for my guests. My daughter is really happy with them. Thanks,

Hi RoseAnn, Just a quick note to let you know I received my favors yesterday. They are absolutely beautiful.!!!! WE LOVE THEM! Thank you for all your hard work that went into putting them together. Thanks again,
Robert and Joy

Thank you for all your time and patience answering all my questions. We received all the favors. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Not finished shopping yet so you may hear from me soon.
Lisa CA

Hi RoseAnn Thank you so much for noticing that. I look forward to my shipment. I really appreciate you answering all my questions. Have a fantastic day! Best Regards

Hello Louis, I received my bassinets yesterday (Friday). All is well. Thanks for your help. Regards,

Hi, Thank you for responding to my request. I called the toll free number and I spoke to someone about the problem I had with the damaged items I ordered. The gentleman whose name I don't recall was very helpful and he assisted me with professionalism and efficiency. I am satisfied to know that I can count on you with your help. Furthermore, I am so pleased that I will do business with you in the future. With gratitude,
Maria A.

Great News !!! Thank you!! I will need to check my spam folder as I did not receive the tracking email :( I must say this is the 3rd time I have worked with my italian wedding favors and the service is excellent and the products are gorgeous and excellent quality! Thank you!!! Gracie

I received all my favors. I want to tell you how happy I was with everything. I just will wait for the wrapping paper and personalize ribbon to arrive. thank you very much. Kathy

Thank you so much to everyone I receive my order favor everything is so perfect and beautiful . I'm so happy . Thanks my Italian wedding favors . You are the best . Sincerely

Hi Roseann, I'm a little late but I wanted to thank you so much for the favors. You did a great job and they look beautiful. Also, your mom is so sweet. I felt like she was family. Say hi to her from me. Again thank you so much!! Best regards

I wanted to thank you for your help and kindness.  The antipasto dish was a hit along with the trivet I purchased for the kids baptism.   I received the gifts so quickly and in good shape.  Once again thank you. 
Anna Rita Mele 

My apologies for not sending this sooner---thanks so much for working with me on the girls baptism confetti and bigliettini. We were very much pleased with everything! Best,

Thank you so much My Italian  wedding favors . I receive my order this morning and everything is absolutely beautiful !!!!!you guys are the best ever!! I'm so much happy to share my wedding favors with my guest ...have a wonderful day

Hi RoseAnn, Thank you so much! It's nice to do business with pleasant and professional people like you who respond and care about us customers. We will soon be ordering for my sister's wedding and are excited about the great selection you and your team have. Wishing you continued success. A presto! Best Regards,

Hi thank you so much for your great customer service! I will recommend to all my family and friends that if they are having any special occasion to use you! We want to say thank you once again! %uD83D%uDC70%uD83C%uDFA9%u2764%uFE0F
The DeVito family